• Enterprise Courier Management

    AHCC developed a complete courier management system that integrates track and trace technologies along with other automation components. It is a multi-tier solution that automates the whole delivery process. This solution ensures full visibility and efficiency with every delivery, in real time.

  • SharePoint and web-portal

    Our SharePoint and web-portal products run on a powerful and reliable server platform which can run multiple applications with minimal downtime. They help create social communities, flexibly manage content, and allow easy collaboration with your customers. All on a flexible, scalable infrastructure.

  • Insight Dashboard

    A powerful trending and analysis engine with limitless data capture capabilities. It works with interactive graphs and charts as well as geographic data displays. Insight dashboard provides companies with critical analytical information with just the click of a button, anywhere, anytime. It helps resource allocation decisions and decreases operating time and costs by providing on-the-spot reports which allow managers to make more informed decisions.

  • Asset Management

    ILS Asset Management software will improve operating equipment performance through eliminating equipment downtime, addressing asset performance issues, and improving compliance. It will help you better manage your equipment and facilities, allowing you to ensure reliability and minimize risks.

  • ILS Transportation Management

    ILS is an Integrated Logistics System that allows companies to minimize cost, optimize service levels and increase efficiency within their transportation and logistics networks. ILS is designed to support a board range of industries; from those within basic transportation needs, up to industries with highly complex logistics requirements.


    Both Electronic Shelf Labels & Price Displays devices are small wireless LCD display systems intended to replace the traditional paper pricing systems used in almost all stores.


Founded in 1996, in Rockville Maryland, USA, AHCC is a multinational “One-Source Solution Provider”, meaning we offer a full spectrum of IT consulting services and software solutions. Our team of industry experts excels in web-based applications, database, network, and software solutions that run on multiple platforms and integrate with remote & wireless devices, seamlessly in any environment. The development of our web-based applications automates business processes, provides real time data tracking, and incorporates the technology of today with the adaptability of tomorrow. We have implemented several cost effective and proven solutions that are modular in nature with a layered architecture for adaptability.

Interactive design

We design and develop our solutions to be as interactive as possible, to make them unique and user friendly. We take advantage of different aspect of usability to create an interactive a powerful design concept.

Quality code

There is no one good definition to define high quality code, but ours speaks for itself. Code that is legible, testable, flexible, compliant, and economical, defines our codes; it defines high quality code.

Great Support

Having a great product isn’t enough to succeed in the market place, you also need to provide great service. We know this, we live by this, and our clients vouch for this.

AHCC Products

AHCC Services

Not only do we excel in the development of web based applications that automate business processes, but we also provide numerous services to our clients that complement the products they choose to lead their business process reengineering.

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News & Events

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  • AHCC joined to Transtec Exhibition for transport & logistics exhibition & conference

    AHCC is going to be presenting its products and services, along with providing a technology briefing in the highly anticipated Saudi Transtec 2015 Exhibition from December 8 - 10! Being the first trade event for Transport and Logistics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Transtec provides the Transport, Logistics, Materials Handling and Warehousing sectors in the Kingdom and the region with a platform to exhibit their products and services, share industry developments and network with industry leaders and peers.

    Dec 2015
  • The National Center for Statistics and Information Oman Portal Launch (June 2015)

    The National Center for Statistics and Information in Oman awarded AHCC with a contract to provide them with an interactive web portal that is designed to facilitate interactions between the government and its citizens. The portal was finalized and launched in June 2015, and is currently available for the public to see and use!

    June 2015
  • NSCI Oman wins best eGovernment website (November 25 2015)

    The annual GCC eGovernment awards this year saw the National Center for Statics and Information in Oman be awarded with the best eGovernment website among all GCC countries! AHCC had the honor of providing the NCSI with this highly sophisticated web portal.

    Nov 2015
  • AHCC joined Comex Oman in 2015 and exposed itself more in the GCC by presenting

    AHCC joined Comex Oman in 2015 and exposed itself more in the GCC by presenting its portfolio to prestigious Omani firms. It is Oman’s premier ICT event which takes place annually. The event proved again that the ICT sector has a lot of potential by attracting over 120,000 participants during the 5-day event which, is the highest ever record in 25 years history of exhibitions. Oman’s ICT industry is growing at a steady pace and a lot of cooperation is going on in public and private sector.

    April 2015


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  • United States Postal Service
  • Economic Development Board of Dubai
  • Egypt Post
  • The largest provider of public transport vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SAPTCO, is one of our prestigious clients. Our Integrated Logistics System has changed the way they do business by automating all their operations such as planning and scheduling of trips, tracking and managing cargo shipments, leasing private vehicles, asset maintenance, and customer relationship management. SAPTCO has one of the largest fleets of vehicles in the Middle East, proving that no firm is too big for AHCC.
  • SMSA FedEx in the KSA has benefited greatly from our enterprise courier management solution. Ever since it has been implemented, they have benefited from advanced package tracking, time reductions, email tracking, and an interactive portal that eases customer to business interaction and vice versa.
  • The National Center for Statistics and Information in Oman benefited greatly from an interactive web portal that has enabled their civilians to interact easily with their government, and vice-versa. It helped streamline their information management process, while winning the award for the best eGoverment website in the GCC region in 2015.
  • We have had the pleasure of working with Talaat Moustafa Group Holding Company, the leading community real estate developer in Egypt. We’ve developed an interactive web portal for TMG, which allows the residents of their communities to be able to access all their information such as bills, mortgages, and even make payments or request services. This has proved to reduce costs for the company as they’ve reduced investments in paper and personnel that would issue such documents to customers. Not only has it benefited the company.
  • AHCC designed and developed 7 different applications for the Library of Congress, including a web application for an international exchange program which includes document management systems, client management system, digital directories, ListServs, unified database and an interactive website with automated posting management system.
  • AHCC developed an intelligent Postal Enterprise Solution which includes an asset control system; which is a web based solution that manages over 300 Million USDs worth of assets, a data acquisition system; which automates ticketing and tracking of all postal equipment and electronic devices, a stamp fulfillment service system; which supports package tracking, and a Tier 1 help desk support service which manages up to 4000 calls per month in one office. Alongside a suite of applications to automate their postal operations, we developed a comprehensive human resource management system to manage and track HR activities.
  • The Economic Development board in Dubai, UAE, has benefited greatly from an analytical dashboard system that has provided them with crucial information to help them analyze and assess economic development and turn points throughout their region.
  • We developed a complete track and trace delivery solution for Egypt Post’s door-to-door express delivery operations. We currently provide an end-to-end solution that covers all aspect of the delivery process. The solution consists of an integrated point of sale counter automation unit, handheld PDAs for pickups and delivery, tracking, wireless barcode scanning, and signature capture, and a track and trace website for customers to be able to track their orders in real time.
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