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AHCC’s Asset Management Solution tracks the financial, inventory, and compliance details of IT and non-IT assets throughout their life cycle. It enables you to manage and plan costs related to these assets and the services they support. You will optimize your asset’s use and drive down their related costs. AHCC’s Asset Management Solution can integrate with all types of mobile devices such as PDAs, POS Terminals, and even your mobile phone and tablets. This provides you with the ability to ensure real time updates of your asset’s information when any transaction occurs.

All organizations nowadays are facing enormous pressures to gain the highest possible return on their investments. New business technology has allowed both large and small organizations to leverage the existing competitive advantage they have which allows them to do so. What makes AHCC any different is that we are your competitive advantage. We are not only your software supplier, but your technology partner. We are here to automate everything you do to ensure you always have a competitive edge.

Your operating assets are the second most important resource in your operations. Measure them, track them, and optimize them.

  • Key Features and Benefits :
  • Order Processing fulfillment
  • Inventory management
  • Alerts and threshold management
  • Back-end and external customer visibility
  • Automated reporting
  • Full monitoring and management
  • Business intelligence and data mining
  • RFID and barcode integration
  • Asset Tracking
  • Optimize stock levels
  • Full view of financial systems
  • Electronic Notifications
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