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ILS Operations (Integrated Logistics System)


What makes a logistics firm successful is the ability to have sustainable, compliant, and scalable operations with the least amount of human errors and minimum costs – any firm’s dream. That is why the largest firms are now directing their attention to automating their operations through business technology. Integrated Logistics Systems (ILS) gives you an integrated suite of applications that covers the automation of all business sectors.

When we talk about automation, we aren’t just referring to the decrease of manual entry of processing shipments, but also the retrieval of options in the procurement of transportation in addition to all the features provided by the technology of a logistics management system.

ILS Planning & Forecasting strategically prepares all of your resources; vehicle lines, routes, drivers and vehicle resources, while integrating with ILS Maintenance, ILS HRM, and ILS Tracking; contributing to the necessary real-time geographical insights to plan, schedule, manage operations, optimize and balance lines, routes, and stop sequences. All within an attractive interface that allows re-routes to occur when they should.

ILS Cargo management can be tailored to provide a precise fit for your private freight forwarding operations, offering reservation management, dispatching, and fleet management, hourly or point to point services. ILS Limousine and Taxi automation empowers automation through its streamlined integration with ILS Tracking, ILS Maintenance, ILS HRM, ILS CRM, and ERP systems. It can be used to implement business processes, roles and responsibilities for drivers, supervisors, and managers. ILS Is a tightly integrated solution covering freight, vehicle leasing, long and short distance sectors, rental management, and maintenance services in addition to providing a business intelligence dashboard tool that is dynamically designed to look over all other business modules.

ILS is responsible for almost all of your logistics operations, from scheduling employees tasks based on business rules and workflows, to tracking your shipments or production till delivery. ILS Operations is designed to handle the hardest and most complex operations yet in a user-friendly interface. It will help managers improve operational efficiency through better process development, enhanced resource utilization and reduced fuel consumption. The built in asset management engine allows you to define, assign, manage and track resources such as employees, technicians and equipment with all associated attributes like licenses, certificates for drivers and operational expenses for equipment.

  • Key Features and Benefits :
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Employee Management
  • Route and Location Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • Reports
  • Eliminating unnecessary processes
  • Minimize travel distances
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce overtime charges
  • Eliminate ad hoc fleet requirements
  • Increased resource and fleet utilization
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