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With Today’s growing markets and economy, firms are constantly looking to exploit their current competitive advantages and discover/develop new ones. It’s safe to say that, due to the complexity of today’s markets, the most common and effective advantage is one that reduces costs. Costs come from all aspects of your organization, and warehouse inventory and asset management play a major role.

AHCC’s Warehouse Management system is increasingly becoming the technology of choice for many institutions involved in warehousing. Inventory management in today’s markets requires great efficiency and an ability to generate a higher ROI, including cost savings through accurate information on stock and time savings. ILS Warehouse management automates your whole warehousing operation from start to finish. It serves the needs of all those involved. ILS Warehouse Management can also integrate with mobile devices such as PDAs and Barcode scanners in order to provide you with greater Visibility.

The Warehouse Management Solution is composed of asset management and inventory management modules along with their PDA applications. Inventory Management is responsible for tracking all assets in the building and whether they are in their assigned location or moved. This takes place through creating zones and assigning each asset to its predefined zone. The PDA module is responsible for scanning the asset’s barcode/RFID and the zone’s barcode/RFID to do the count and find out the issues if exists.

It will give you the ability to manage stores and warehouse inventory, handle product request, application exchange, and reports. The system also provides the administrator the ability to manage user profiles and privileges with a graphical user interface. In addition, the system will also allow tracking inventory items by a registered barcode, handle item returns, vendor returns and all inventory transactions.

The solution is responsible for defining inventory item information such bin location, Barcode / RFID Information, and Attachments. The system also enables system users to track the quantity across several locations in the warehouse and make new orders if thresholds are reached. It keeps track of all inventory transactions, records them, and provides notifications under defined circumstances.

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  • Key Features and Benefits :
  • Order Processing and fulfillment
  • Order tracking
  • Alerts and threshold management
  • Automated reporting and scheduling
  • Customizability
  • Inventory Management
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